Restaurant Design

MenusMade does architectural and interior design specifically for restaurants.
We work with new builds as well as retrofits.

Let us make your restaurant vision a reality!


What we offer:

Our designer has a masters in architecture, and can offer a range of services.

Design consultation

Initial meetings with clients to discuss the overall concept for the restaurant.

As-built drawings

Drawings that can be used for building permits and consultation with trades.

Design renderings

Gives the client an idea of what their restaurant could look like before hammers start swinging.

Construction drawings

Drawings that can be used in consultation with trades.

Coordination with trades and consultants

We have a network of trades and consultants that we work with to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Material, furniture and equipment selection

Help with selecting the perfect finishing touches for your project.

Municipal building and heritage permit consultation

We can help make sure you have the proper documents and permits required to make your project become a reality.

Create a package: design,  menus, logo and website

We can create ‘full-meal-deal’ packages that will get you everything you need to open your new restaurant.


Let MenusMade help bring you restaurant or bar to life!

Contact our designer, and we can discuss the details of your restaurant’s design

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