About us


Alex Weaver Crawford

B.B.A. (Major in Marketing and Fine Arts), B.E.D.S., M.Arch

Alex is a Canadian designer with a background in architecture, fine arts and marketing. She had been creating graphic and architectural design for local restaurants when she realized that several other establishments could make use of high quality design. She pairs her experience of design and marketing to help restaurants tell their story to their customers. With MenusMade, Alex aims to prove that high quality design and great branding can be accessible to everyone.


Steve Weaver Crawford

B.S.E. Software Engineering

Steve is an Australian software developer who loves building websites, and hates when he’s not able to find out basic information about restaurants quickly and easily online. His role at MenusMade is to create clean, crisp websites that provide the best possible first impression for your potential diners.
Whether being viewed on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer, Steve’s websites will look great, and provide the perfect accompaniment to your new menus.